German Grammar is a grammar course for German as a foreign language level A1 (for beginners).
The course consists of grammar exercises and tables on grammar topics.
The exercises are sorted by the topics. The solutions can be checked even after the tasks have been solved.
These tasks and exercises help to train German and consolidate grammatical structures.



Topics A1:

- Items
- noun, case
- pronouns, personal pronouns
- possessive article
- Prepositions
- Tempora
- Verbs, modal verbs, irregular verbs
- sentence structure

Topics A2:

- Possessivartikel
- Reflexible Verben
- Verben mit Präpositionen
- W-Fragen mit Präpositionen
- Modalverben mit Präteritum
- Konjunktiv II
- Vergleiche
- Nebensätze
- Deshalb oder trotzdem
- Indirekte Fragesätze
- Relativsätze
- Adjektive

 Levels A1 requirements:
- Understand short, simple questions, instructions and messages in everyday situations
- Understand announcements on the answering machine, public announcements and short conversations
- understand relevant information from written short messages, public information signs and classified ads
- Numbers, quantities, times and prices
- Fill out forms related to simple and personal information
- write short personal messages
- introduce yourself in conversation
- answer simple questions about yourself
- formulate and respond to everyday questions and requests